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A Fully Customizable Live-Fire Cyber Range Platform

Why Choose rootCapture as your Cyber Range solutions provider?


rootCapture has been built upon the mission of enhancing participant's critical cyber-skills, by showing end-users how to hack and patch, as-well as defend against hackers and bad actors, with additional instruction on how to both analyze and reverse-engineer malicious content. You could say we are at the forefront of enhancing cyber-education through practicality.


rootCapture is built to be extremely informational, enlightening participants on the next steps of hacking, patching, defending and analyzing malicious content. Our knowledgebase encompasses step-by-step instruction on how to do everything from reconaissance to the creation of malware.


Our platform is scalable, we are not courseware posing to be a Cyber-Range! We are an actual Cyber-Range platform, so our solution can be scaled to meet the educational needs of truly ANY institution.

About us

We Are rootCapture!

We are an innovative cyber-range platform that believes in the principle of practical learning. We possess a firm belief that people benefit from hands-on real-time learning, and that is what our platform is here to deliver! A true to its name full-on cyber-range with an academically-inclined management system for your learning needs!

We Are Secure

Our platform is developed with utmost security in mind, and can be hosted in either our secure datacenters, or on-premise.

Providing The Gift of Practical Knowledge

Our platform requires the need to prove one's self and their skillset, in that they can both hack, patch and defend systems in real-time against real-time attacks from others where allowed, while also providing true practical education to everyone on all ends of the cyber-security spectrum.

Scale it Down, or Scale it Up!

We pride ourselves on being able to be need-based, wherein you can scale this platform either up or down as you see fit!


rootCapture's solution provides many unique benefits, a couple of them are...

Enhanced Learning Experience

rootCapture enhances learning through an engaging and competitive cybersecurity experience

Increased Participation

rootCapture increases extra-curricular participation in STEM while providing an immersive learning experience

Fully Customizable to You

rootCapture is a fully customizable learning platform that teaches people real-world Cybersecurity scenarios

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